FEATURE ARTICLE: June 05, 2023

Fight for BRO Duke NFT on BNB and Win Grand Prizes!


5 Types of NFTs Up for Grabs!

We are thrilled to announce the Dexbrowser NFT Collection event, featuring the exciting cards of Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, and Knight. By completing specific tasks and collecting the other five NFT cards, you can exchange them for the prestigious Duke NFT. Gathering the complete set of NFTs serves as proof for future redemption rewards!

Galxe Space of Dexbrowser

Fight for BRO Duke NFT on BNB and Win Grand Prizes!(图1)

⏰ Time:

June 5th — June 20th 5 NFTs Event

June 22nd — June 30th 1 Last NFT, FCFS

Here’s how you can participate:

Task Completion: Complete the assigned tasks to collect the NFT cards of the Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, and Knight.

Quick Link:


Baron: https://galxe.com/dexbrowser/campaign/GCRmcUXGAE

Viscount: https://galxe.com/dexbrowser/campaign/GCi7cUXCxp

Earl: https://galxe.com/dexbrowser/campaign/GCrDcUXLiW

Marquess: https://galxe.com/dexbrowser/campaign/GCi2cUXq7w

2. Exchange for Duke NFT: Once you’ve gathered all five NFT cards, you can exchange them for the exclusive Duke NFT.

Furthermore, we have an additional reward for the top 20 collectors! The first 20 participants to collect the entire set will each receive 20 USDT as a special bonus.


If you have collected all 5 basic NFTs on Fantom, you can directly get a reward of 20 USDT. If not, we have re-released a new set of NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain. You have the opportunity to collect them again for a chance to win the ultimate grand prize!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to embark on the Dexbrowser NFT Collection Journey and exchange your collection for the highly coveted Duke NFT. Start collecting now and secure your place among the top 20 collectors for an extra bonus!

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